Paper-Mache Bowl - gold

by Jan MacLeod


Made from handmade paper infused with local botanicals, this bowl is both practical and decorative.  The rustic paper inside contains flower petals and painted a rich green, which gives it a lovely texture.  The outside has been coated in gold leaf and glows in the light.  A waterproof coating allows the inside to be wiped clean with a moist cloth, making it suitable for candies or other dry foods.

8 cm high, 17 cm across.

Jan MacLeod has been working with paper since 1983.  Known for her sculptural handmade paper goods and collages, she mixes natural materials of the west coast, such as moss, flowers, bark and seed pods.

Limited quantity.  Purchase requests are handled in the order in which they are received.  Items are handmade and may differ slightly from the one pictured.

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