Wild-Silk Clutch

by Kaarina Talvila


In her "Wild Silk" handbags, Kaarina Talvila makes use of non-spun silk textiles,  handmade in Madagascar.  The textiles are produced by Malagasy farmers and artisans, who earn a comfortable living wage through the sustainable production of a no-kill wild silk.  This method of silk production conserves vital rain forests without harming silkworms or other native species.  They are certified Fair Trade and Wildlife Friendly, and 100% of the profits from the textile production are returned to Madagascar.

Once she has the silks, Kaarina forms them into elegant clutch bags, accented with vintage buttons or sleek modern clasps.  

15 cm high, 30 cm long, 5 cm deep.

Kaarina Talvila is a fiber artist, best known for her paper boxes and silk handbags in striking colours and strong forms.  She has been a fibre artist for over ten years.

Limited quantity.  Purchase requests are handled in the order they are received. Items are handmade and may differ slightly from the one pictured. 

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